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Sunday, July 15, 2012

me left, me came back, unsure for how long

more often than not, i have been told that I am the perfect kind of guy my lady-friends would want.
no, not saying this to boast, but i have a point i'm getting to by the end of this post.
in light of what i've been told, it then leads me to my next question:
if i WERE the kind of guy for you, then why is it that i'm so easily friendzoned?
they say, "oh it cause we have history. we grew up together. you're more like a bro to me and someone i can run to for advise and guidance in terms of relationships and life stuff"
hmm... point taken. i'm your whore for advise and help when you need it. ok. that's fine by me.

this leads me to the next thing i've been told tho.
my lady-friends (more than one, that is) have taken the liberty to explain why i'm prone to being friendzoned.
their answer? i'm too nice a guy.
no, not the creepy-nice kind of guy. but the kind of nice guy whom a female friend would come running to about her problems in relationships and life, whilst having full confidence that i'd have set up boundaries from being a rebound for her. yeah, i'm just that kind of a guy i guess.

generally (to my understanding), girls want a gentleman. someone who listens, give sound advice, helps, is considerate in what he says or does, is all-rounded, and have nothing more than good intentions with personal agendas and motives aside when it comes to caring for them.

i honestly do see myself as all that. and no, what i see in myself isn't self-measured. i know for sure simply because of the external confirmations i have been receiving for years on end now about the kind of guy i am towards my lady-friends. yet at the same time, i am told that the above characteristics attributes to me being friendzoned.
yes, i'm damned confused with what works and what doesn't haha. 

SA - a junior of mine in college and a girl who's like a bro to me haha. realistic and very down-to-earth

SA: Moses, you're too nice to girls. you gotta learn how to ignore them once in a while. what's more is that you're not 'bad' enough. girls like the 'bad-boy' factor they see in guys. it gives them the impression that you're mysterious, there's more to you to discover, and that you'd be able to provide them a sense of security. There's this Chinese saying, 男人不坏,女人不爱 (guy not 'bad' enough, women no love).

CF - a close female-friend of mine who pretty much knows me inside-out because i tell her pretty much everything that comes to mind. i allow myself the liberty of being an open book for her to read and understand. mutually, we're each other's confidants and rarely would you find someone of the opposite sex who understands you intimately, yet isn't emotionally nor physically intimate with you.

CF: i'm starting to think you're almost always friendzoned because you'd clarify that you are just a friend that closes future doors on the possibility of friendship blossoming into something further. not that it's a bad thing that you're such a gentleman. but i think it contributes to you being friendzoned.

i've also been made known a list of negative reinforcements i should be using to get a girl:
- don't care too much for her (pretty vague, i know - how much is too much?)
- ignore her at some point of the courting process
- neglect her and she'll come crawling back to you
- stay 'mysterious' to keep her wondering
- do all this and then come back in, showing her how much you're sorry and that you really do care so as to show her your sensitive side.

honestly, fuck that.
i'm not that sort of a person to pursue using negative reinforcements.

but i guess there is a sliver of truth within the views both SA and CF provided. 
then again, this is what i think:

i've forgotten but i just remembered that there just ISN'T any set way to get a guy or girl - what works and what doesn't.
it's just stuff people say to seem smart in something that you don't even need rules to abide by.
plus, in retrospect, another friend suggested how most relationships that abides by the negative reinforcements above usually do end up in break-ups by a large margin, no? that speaks truth to me, really.

depending on who you work it out with, you make the rules. you both do. and what works is whatever and however things work between the both of you. you don't need some trash magazine to DO THIS or DO THAT to get a girl or guy, really. ball's in your court, just hoop it.

so no, i don't see the point of being flustered about what does or doesn't work in getting a girl anymore.
i'd like to think that this is who i am and there's nothing bad at all with the kind of characteristics i have.

i've been in three different relationships before. and no, nothing more on the side, never. it's not about the number of relationships. but more so the fact that i used what i have in me, to get a girl still, no (even though they all still ended nonetheless)?

unlike most other people (i feel), i know what i DON'T WANT in a relationship. which explains why i've been single since for over a year now since my last breakup. and also the reason why ever since coming here to the US now for 3 years, i haven't had any flings, nor hook-ups with girls here. it just isn't what i want, something as shallow as that. what i want is a wholesome, fulfilling relationship which bring constant, successive levels of growth between 'her' and I. the sky's the limit as to the growth a couple can achieve, really. THAT is that i want. what's more is that the next relationship i have would be something that i AM looking to ultimately lead into marriage and so forth (with nothing to do with the 50% American probability of couples getting divorced, that is).

i've decided that if i were to pursue a girl (in which i haven't done for the past 2 years now), i'd do nothing more than to portray my characteristical (yes, i just made up my own word) goods. if she doesn't like it, she's free to walk away. if she does, then we'll see where it goes from there.

all in all, i know what i don't want in a relationship and being friendzoned just means that there's tons more room for growth in being just friends with them ladies. nothing more, nothing less.
sounds implausibly positive. but hey, it's realistic enough for me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

to Piggy

me left, me came back, unsure for how long

i know who you were before, but now, this is what you've grown into :) and i'm proud of you

                                       You say good morning, and good evening
                                       The day is done, and you've come to find
                                       The words are fleeting, I hear your quiet breathing
                                       Is something wrong?

                                       You come on two knees, with more than two needs
                                       Finding that it's all too easy
                                       To be helped and found
                                       You slept and he said

                                       It is in you, to carry on
                                       It is in you, to lay down fears that hold
                                       It is in you, to find your way home

                                       Daylight's coming, the sun is blazing
                                       New beginnings seep into you
                                       But in the end it's distant shadows
                                       That finally overwhelm your senses
                                       And this time around
                                       Is it love that you crown?
                                       And this time around
                                       You'll be more than who you are

                                       It is in you, to carry on
                                       It is in you, to lay down fears that hold
                                       It is in you, to find your way home

                                       Whoa oh oh oh... 

                                       Could you find yourself a way home?

                                       It is in you, to carry on
                                       It is in you, (ohh) to lay down fears that hold
                                       It is in you, (ohh) to find your way home

today, i cried my last for you. but we'll see each other again, one day. for sure.
Later :')

Monday, March 19, 2012


me left, me came back, unsure for how long

as far as i can tell, i don't really remember the last time i cried. since March of 2011? if so, then its been a year since i've cried a single drop. teared? yes. but mostly from yawning or if something gets in my eye.
ever since the events from the last post, i've become cold, immensely so. emotionless most of the time, i disallowed myself the luxury to even cry. it came to the point where i couldnt even cry when i felt like it. i thought i was broken beyond repair.

but tonight. tonight was the first time i've cried in a year. and as sad as it sounds, it was one of huge relief. crying is good. good for the soul. and tonight, i cried over... and over again. while typing and reading the words on my computer screen.

to you who might read this one day and know that it's you.

you're welcome :)

once a Bear

Thursday, February 09, 2012

the boat sinks, sunk and was revived... barely

me left, me came back, unsure for how long

2011's gone and past and looking back, it wasn't easy for me at all. nope, i'm not gonna add in a whole spiel about how college, work and homework sucked and all that... it wasn't that at all. it was depression. 

for just about half of 2011, that was just about it - depression, full-stop.


typical as it may be, it was because of a girl. 
warnings for what's to come ahead - everything written here is from my point of view and i always do my best in telling it as is, no more, no less, with full understanding of having parts/sides of the story being omitted from even myself. 

don't know for sure why i'm typing all this out here, in public. guess its easier to talk about it now that most of everything's past myself, even her (from what i garnered). partly, it's also because well, no one hardly ever reads this blog anymore now that its been inactive for the past couple of years till about a week ago. so i'll just stake on the possibility of no one ever reading this, not even her :/

for a year and a half before i last saw her in Dec of 2010, we were literally half a world apart from each other with me being in the United States and her staying put back home in Malaysia. time zones apart, i was literally living in yesterday simply because Michigan's exactly 12 hours behind Malaysia and 13 during daylight savings. was it hard, living in different time zones? no, not for me. it was just frustrating at the time how i was neither able to text nor call her as much as i did, whenever and wherever i wanted to, before i left home. 

was the LDR hard for me? no. well... i don't know, but i was surprisingly fine with it? i've had friends who gawk with unbelief at the fact that i'm perfectly fine with being so far apart from her for long periods of time (long periods as in months at the very least, years at most). 

this is how i make sense of the relationship from my end:
the relationship between her and i had already started off being a LDR in the first place. she was in one city, and i another and the distance between us even then was a good 16 hour car ride away. we were both dependent on our parents (still are, financially, that is), and even though i could have traveled easily to see her, i was well, her well-kept secret. unseemingly true, a guy like me tends to get emotionally attached when it comes to relationship. however, the relationship i had with her had the strongest of attachments i've ever had. the sense of trust i had in her, the commitment i had in the relationship, the transparency i devoted myself to her... all these were enough to quell the yearning of wanting to touch, feel, caress, kiss, hold her hand, be in her presence, hold her body close to mine, EVERYTHING... it was enough to keep all that at bay simply because i kept telling myself, "Moses, the physical separation is only temporary even if it means a few years more. you're both still pretty young but if you hold on to her long enough, and her, you, you both would do so rightly to make your way towards each other, given time, trust, and commitment. but that was not to happen, not entirely at least. 

but from what i gradually gathered, she wasn't taking the LDR well, at all. it was hard finding out because of the lack of reciprocation on her part. i had to guess. read between the lines. She wouldn’t tell me. and if I pushed or tugged, she’d log off and run away over and over again. for most of the first year and a half being in the US, i was left hanging, over and over again. It was infuriatingly frustrating. gosh... a year and a half. brutal it was, but i loved her so, unwavering still. 

the time came when i was able to go home for the first time since arriving here in the US. the main reason for going home: to see her and make things right. it didn't help how my aunt and uncle were giving me their speeches about how wasteful it was for me to fly back, using so much of dad's money, adding on to the guilt that was already present. fucking annoying, they were. but i loved them just the same, despite their judgmental prying and comparisons between their perfect son and I. after all, they're still family. seeing her again filled me with... mixed emotions. this is how it was:

i made my way to the airport to see her (flew in from her hometown, see) and when i saw her for the first time in almost 2 years, she had a face of apprehension despite having told me how excited she was about seeing me just the night before. i don't know. it was... odd. it sure wasn't what i expected at all. i sound biased saying this, but her lack of reciprocation and sense of apprehension at the time made the whole trip seem but for naught. it was hard. it wasn't what i had it mind. it wasn't even close to what i dreamed of. but i held on, hoping still. 

But being able to see her again was good. My heart would soar whenever I saw her, hear her speak, read her expressions and experience the body language, feel the touch of her lips against mine…
But at the same time, we were both dodging the real reason why I came home. It was a foreboding matter we unspokenly chose to leave unattended till either one of us had to leave – mainly, me.

“you know, my feelings for you hasn’t changed one bit ever since I first told you that I loved you. Once you have me, you won’t lose me. the only time you’d have lost me, is if you lost me yourself”
It was something I said to her over and over again, to reassure her as best as I could. But I could only do so much for someone who was hurting herself deep inside.

Towards the end of my stay in Malaysia, I found out that which I was unable to before about her. She was hurting, obviously. but the one hurting her was… herself. The lack of confidence, the dependency of needing me around physically, the innate fear of ever holding me back from being able to achieve everything I could ever achieve in a foreign country, the fear of having a LDR itself.

Her, “Moses, I don’t want a LDR… period”
And that the only way we could stay together would be if I was in the same city or someplace where we could be close to each other.

It crushed me to hear that. I thought she’d be stronger than that. guess I was wrong.

You know how you read in romance novels how the guy loves the girl so much that he was willing to leave her for her own good with nothing more than hopes of her finding happyness? That was me.

3 nights before I left for the US, I decided to break it off for her. this was because I could see… that she wasn’t able to bring herself to break it off at the time. I didn’t want to give her a reason to emotionally hurt herself any longer. I hated every second of it. It wasn’t going as planned. It actually was crumbling for real, for me. being deeply emotionally attached, I was mortified even while keeping a ‘strong’ look to help her feel less guilty about it. I’ve cried enough already.

Fast forward 6 months: The Depression
I came back to the US still feeling sad. From sadness it deepened into depression. I would see nightmares of her making fun of me for falling for her in the first place. I would be on my knees, begging, crying for her to stop. To see… to see my heart for what it was. Many times I’d wake up with the sheets wet and my face moist with tears. The fear of seeing them gripped me so hard I became afraid of falling asleep. Days of not sleeping eventually led to insomnia. During nights of being unable to sleep, I’d waste the hours away reading, working, studying, doing anything to keep my mind off of her. the sleeping pills wouldn’t work. I had no one to talk to, not even my friends.

It isn’t easy you know… coming out and telling people, “Hey, guess what? I’ve came back to the US after a break up and now I’ve not depression and insomnia to boot.

For the most part, I was alone. Alone with my thoughts. That’s one of the most dangerous things you could leave a person with depression with – his/her thoughts.

It’s hard to pin depression down to a single description. But to sum it up, I DID feel depressed (no brainer), feeling of lifelessness, I lost my appetite, lost weight, nausea from lack of sleep, thoughts of suicide, chose not to attend classes, stayed in bed most of the time just… lying and falling asleep whenever being completely exhausted from not sleeping (this helps me from experiencing any nightmares), wasn’t doing homework on a consistent basis, didn’t bother at all with studies, neglected both my part-time jobs, scored the lowest ever since coming to the US: 3.40/4.00 GPA.

I was a wreck. I loved her still. And this happened, for six months. During which the whole time, she was dodging me still whenever I brought up anything that had to do with us. Not helping.

It’s easier to talk about this now simply because things have gotten better for me. I’ve talked to the right people and it’s gotten be straight, for now.

the relationship?
pretty much still the same: down the drain.

Do I still love her even after all this time?
Yes, I still do.

Do I resent her for everything she’s done?
I don’t know even though my friends say that I should.

Would I want her back if given the chance?
I don’t know. Because everything we stood for before, was gone, after all that. I’d have to rethink things for sure.

Do I still feel emo about her?
From time to time yeah. But not enough to cripple me like before.

Do I still think about her?
Every day, just wondering.

Are we still talking?
No. Not for now, at least.

At this point, we haven’t spoken since September, thanks to James. He’s been a huge help. saying goodbye then did help me move on to where I am right now: in Chicago, looking for a job and moving on as best as I can. Although she’s still been trying to get in touch with me, I still haven’t decided when I’ll be ready to ever talk to her again.

As with matters of the heart, it’ll take as long as it takes. 

hence, coming back to where i first started off. the first half of 2011 was fucked, the 2nd half was me picking up the pieces all over again. 2012? we'll see what happens, and it sure as heck isn't going to start off with another bout of depression.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

the prodigal blogger returns. but for how long?

me left, me came back, unsure for how long

its been about a little over 2 years since i've posted anything on this blog. been about a year since i've even given it a slight peek.

why the return?

i don't know for sure. but i guess its safe to say that at this point, i've tons of words and ideas in mind in which i need an outlet to abuse and leave it pouring, lest i implode inward.

updates from the past 2 years?
okay okay, here goes...

1. flew to the US as planned and transferred into Spring Arbor University (SAU), a Christian-dominated bubble that is the majority of the quaint little 6 mile-long town of Spring Arbor, Michigan to finish up my Bachelor's in Finance.

2. made my way up within the student body and got myself into the Student Government Association with the position of the university's International Student Representative (ISR).

3. worked my ass off as the ISR cause well, the university's still in its infancy years with housing international students and does not have a directorial position within the university for international students. so yeah, i was a student, from Malaysia, playing half the roles a non-existent director should be doing.

4. mostly scored A's in the courses i've taken within the 2 and a half years in SAU. here's proof:

5. made more friends than i can count, but decided towards the end of my time in SAU to only acquaint myself with most of them and only keep a select few a true friends.

6. officially graduated with a Bachelor's in Finance as of December 2011 (yay me!).

7. graduated with an CGPA of 3.76/4.00 (not being cocky, updating, is all). mom and dad, i hope your eldest and most mischievous of sons made you proud :) yes, i gave them a mega-hard time when i was a kid heh.

8. moved myself to the City of Chicago for better job prospects.

9. moved in with a Mexican family as a stepping stone. and yes, delicious Mexican home-made food almost everyday.

10. still jobless and bumming cause i dont have the proper documentations just yet in order to enable myself full job interviews. waiting for them in the mail.

12. going to be working here in Chicago for at least a year before heading back to school for Grad Studies.

13. this means i won't be headed home to Malaysia for at least a year and half. at most, 2 years.

14. called mom and told her about the news. she didn't sound all that happy cause well, i'm her momma's boy and yes, we do think about and miss each other.

15. i just cleaned up whatever it is Oreo (house dog here) puked out. it was thick, pale-yellow colored, frothy saliva. Eww. why? cause i was the one who saw it and he puked under the table i'm sitting at right now. oh joy.

so that's pretty much a brief summary of me. nothing in detail, really. but i guess that'll change as soon as i start posting more about life here in the US.

if you're reading this, it means you found/checked it out again by chance. cause i kinda decided to not let anyone know about the possible short-term revival of this blog. unsure about how long i'll keep it up but hey, enjoy :)

and i leave you with an updated photo of my miserable self taken with the blasphemy that is my webcam :D

Sunday, September 13, 2009

last goodbyes, no misses

me went, me saw, me likey!

let’s backup and bit and retrace some parts i almost forgot about ahaha

seems like its been a long time since i’ve posted a picture of myself heh

before leaving Miri for Selangor, i wanted to make it a point to see most of my friends before i left cause hey, i’m not planning to come home any time soon, not even during my breaks and there’s always a possibility of me never coming back ever again. but hey, i’m still praying hard about that and i’ll follow God, wherever He leads me.

DSC00974my stupid half-Siamese cat that does nothing but eat and sleep all day, seriously
he/she’s one of the reasons why i dislike cats

for lunch, i met up with Aunt Vivien along with her son, Aaron Yung and it was a much needed meet-up actually. a much postponed one too heh. as always, whenever the both of us do meet up, there’s ALWAYS not enough time to catch up with things going on in each other’s lives. that afternoon, we chatted for more than 3 hours and i was even charged 2 parking tickets for over-time-parking my car cause i got so lost in the conversation haha! the advices you given me, the outlooks and different perceptions to christianity and people you’ve shared, the rants and dissatisfaction you’ve made known to me, the laughs and inside jokes we’ve had over the years, you cradling me even when i was a baby, seeing me grow up into the nearly 20 year old self that i am today with your very eyes throughout the years, defiantly telling me off with all the justification you had, saying, “Moses, without a doubt i have complete trust in you that you will be able to take care of yourself all the way in the USA” after hearing my story and most important of all, being the best earthly emotional support i’ve ever had :]

Aunt Vivien,”Moses, remember that i’ve told you before that you’re like a son to me?”
Me, “yeah, i do. and i’m but ONE out of the many you apparently have right?”
Aunt Vivien, “yes, but you’re the oldest son in terms of maturity that i have”
(really, Aunt V, this made me smile so so wide inside :] i love you)

met up with a few of my high school friends for some drinks as well and they were from my class, mainly Terinder and Belinda. really glad that nothing’s changed much between us 3 tho. altho Bel and I haven’t hung out since CNY and Terinder since Form 5, we caught up so well and enthusiastic about each other’s lives, how screwed up things actually get in each other lives (esp with family members) and we relentlessly talked about anything, everything, and everyone around us :] just gotta love them

this would be Terinder and he’s still being the boss as always haha
sry Bel, no pic of you cause u looked… you know… and i didn’t feel too good about taking any photos of you then :]
we’ll take loads once i get back!

DSC00984 being random random random ahahaha!

even made it a point to watch G.I. Joe with my lil bro Mark but felt kinda bad cause i invited Aaron, Abel and Janet along but hey, i still did have a great time with both them and lil bro Mark :]

started wearing this beanie around whenever my hair’s all messed up and wild haha
and i love the beanie and the person who gave it to me to bits

when did i start taking pictures of myself - popularly known as cam-whoring?
i was rotting for 9 months in miri, go figure :]
but only started taking pictures of myself a month ago ahah
and no, i dont have an album of myself
i take
and delete :)

fatboy Vincent whom i met at the cinema and he’ll prolly hate me for calling him fatboy ahahah!

one of the best times spent would have to be with these 2 peeps tho


James and i go wayyy back when we were both 9 and met in Grace Methodist Church. and Karen? we both go back to when we first became friends in primary school when we were 12. and James and Karen? they were both classmates throughout their 5 years in high school lol. Karen and I? we were both in the Marching Band and i was under the tyranny of Karen as the Percussion Leader and her the Band President. James and i? we both were roommates for a year when we headed to Taylor’s College to study with James in the South Australian Matriculation Prog and myself in the American Degree Transfer Program; we were RIDICULOUSLY crazy together, drove each other mad with conversations, screaming and howling like wolves and going out for eating and gaming sprees!!

James? you will always be the guy who got me into playing DOTA and getting out of it afterwards with me hating the game so much cause you kept pounding the crap out of me for being the worst player ever :]

Us three? we were all in our high school’s Prefectorial Board and also in its committee board with me as the Head of Assembly Emcee (the guy up on stage heading the assembly with the mic? that’s me), James as the Master Discipline for the Prefects (his job is to catch Prefects ahaha) and Karen as the Headgirl for the whole Prefectorial Board (hence, increasing the reach of her reign of tyranny and me having to carry out more orders aside from the ones i get from her in Marching Band ahaha!)

Karen? you’ll always be the girl i had a crush on before for the longest time in high school, i think ahaha! and you’ll always be the girl whom i went to to try to comfort whenever you broke down in tears or anger whenever leading the Marching Band. i don’t blame you, it WAS hard and even i would’ve broken down then :]
and you’ll also always be one of the very few Christian sisters i hold closest and dearest to me :]


the three of us has changed a lot since high school. those of which who knows me since then would’ve known how much of a showoff i was, which unavoidably turned me into a walking target for pretty much everyone in my class. let’s just say i was so bad in character that i had no friends in Form 1, only a handful in Form 2 (where i started working and changing in terms of character) and started gaining friends and trust from more people when i was in Form 3 (it wasn’t easy then really. actually thought of suicide a few times heh). the current me? well… that’s up to you to judge really. i’m all ears!

James was pretty much a really prideful and overly-cautious of the people around him kind of guy. it was really hard getting thru to him back then and it was kinda hard even when i lived with him as a roommate in Taylor’s. but God pulled thru and i managed to get thru to me, and him to me. we shared and opened up completely (i think) to each other about our lives and from there, it was very much by God’s grace and plan that we were paired up together as roommates because we became each other’s spiritual and emotional support when away from home. we became brothers. we still are :]

Karen back then was pretty much an emotional wreck when it came to stress (altho she’d prolly deny it ahaha) and even lashed out at me sometimes when good-hearted me wanted at least be some kind of emotional support for her (albeit having ulterior motives of somehow wooing her into liking me and such, IN WHICH is a very very very very bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad thing to do). now, it quite obvious that she’s grown in maturity and hopefully (i don’t know about this) not much of an emotional wreck anymore heh. otherwise, she’s pretty much the attractive girl she’s always been to me, in her own special way.


we met up together one last time for dinner and man, when i finally got a good look at Karen, WHAM!  SUDDEN TRANSFORMATION FROM NORMAL-GOOD-LOOKING KAREN TO REALLY ATTRACTIVE LOOKING, PRETTY, SLIMMED FRAME, LOVELY SMILE, TOTALLY GORGEOUS LAYERED-CUT SHORT HAIR, WITH 3 INCH HEELS (WHICH MADE HER SINFULLY TALLER THAN MOI) AND A BRIGHT PERSONALITY TO BOOT. owh, and don’t forget the sudden boyfriend in her life, she’s not lesbian after all YAY! man, she was practically the most attractive girl-friend that i have so far! ahahah! be happy, Karen :]

the three of us talked a lot mainly about relationships that night and i don’t have to say anything about it here, but Karen? i really do hope that you’ll experience what we talked about at your own pace, His time and it’ll definitely be something you’ll see for as precious and never let go of :] i’m praying with all the love i have for you, as a lil bro and of course with the love God has for you too :]


Nai Yek’s a friend who works at the computer shop i always go to to buy computer hardware and honestly, i hardly spoke to him back in high school. but having not seen or heard from/of him since Form 5, seeing him again opened up long conversations and sharing with each other about what’s happened since Form 5. so whenever i head over to the shop, i’d chat with him for quite some time, asking about each other’s background and sharing advices. all the best for the baby hey. better let me carry him/her after i get back from USA!

random pic: one of the Long Johns i bought for winter in Michigan in One Utama heh

lastly, the night before i left, i drove over to Alyssa Jaren’s house and chatted for quite a bit, listening to her rant about her SPM trials (HAHAH!) and so on, talking about Michigan, getting bitten by loads of mosquitoes and so on. and cause her dad locked the gate and we both have always pretty much been generous with hugs for each other, we hugged each other goodbye thru the bars of her house’s automatic gate anyways ahah! and yes Alyssa, i know you miss me and i miss you too :]

after that, i headed over to Aaron and Abel’s house. the 2 guys i first came to know are “brothers from another mother” lol! joked, crapped, laughed and teased each other for quite a bit before i left and honestly, i know that they both won’t miss me one bit.
that’s cause we have a bond, a relationship with a clear definition of love and care for each other where we all know that even if we don’t see each other for quite some time, when i do come back and we get together, we’ll still laugh and rant all we want together, strangerless amongst each other, but brothers always, as if i never left :]

preparation completion

me went, me saw, me likey!

i flew over to KL 3 days before my flight to finish up on my overseas shopping needs and to visit grandma.

DSC00002this was when the camera shop tech took a pic of myself to show me the specs cause dad bought me a…

Sony T90!!!
and i chose the silver one!!
t90_silver_main_20487_sony-t90 t90_image_03   
kinda lazy when it comes to talking abt the specs so here:

Style: Ultra Compact
Megapixel: 12
Resolution: 4:3, 16:9, 3:2
File Formats: JPEG
Memory Cards: Memory Stick™ Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo™
Zoom: 4x
Focal Length Equivalent: 35 – 140mm
Shutter Speed: 1 to 1/1000 seconds
Aperture: f3.5 - 4.6
Sensitivity: Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
White Balance Settings: Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent1,
Fluorescent2, Fluorescent3, Incandescent, Flash
Exposure Compensation: -2EV to +2EV (in 1/3EV steps)
Viewfinder: No
LCD Screen: 3 inches
Flash Modes: Auto, Forced Flash, Slow Syncro, No Flash
Flash Range: 2.9m
Shooting Modes: Twilight, Twilight Portrait, Twilight using a tripod, Backlight, Backlight Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Portrait
Maximum Movie Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
Maximum Movie Frames Per Second: 30 fps
Maximum Movie Duration: To capacity of memory card
Macro Focus: 8cms
Metering: Multi Pattern, Centre weighted, Spot
ManualControls: None
Image Stabilisation: Yes
Lens Converters: No
Self Timer: 10 seconds or 2 seconds
Video Out (TV Playback): Yes
Computer Connection: Yes
Batteries: Lithium ion
Dimensions: 93.6 x 57.2 x 15mm
Weight: 128g

all in all, i just loveeee this piece of tech so much haha

dad and my aunt Connie (dad’s younger sister) up front

cousin Julian whom i haven’t seen for almost 2 months like that
he’s 16 and taller than 20 year old me ady :(

was great seeing grandma again, isn’t she just beautiful? :]
but the sad part was she didn’t remember who i was
can’t blame her tho, i haven’t visited her in a long time and with age, Alzheimer's creeping in real quickly
least she still remembers her own younger sister and children :]
sadly, i was mostly quiet in one corner tho, cause everyone else was speaking Foochow and i’m sure most of everyone knows how unFoochow-ish i am eventho i’m pure Foochow

DSC00019 DSC00020 DSC00023  DSC00028
yeah, i’m the odd one out heh

Julian’s mostly quiet but definitely loud and cheery around his close friends
he studies under soft lighting (which is bad for the eyes) and honestly, i don’t really know much about him cause i don’t keep in touch with him and all
bad momo
but otherwise, he’s a really nice and subtle person chat fun poking with

lovin’ the camera!

the camera comes with a free 4GB memory stick duo, free leather a camera case, a free 10cm tall tripod, a free mp3 player (with a top up of only RM29) and a lovely small fold-up box thingie that looks like this
its flat like this and you
open it up and prop it like this
and then you turn it over and zip the bottom, letting it take a cubic shape like this
check out inside where there’s a piece that partitions the box
that uses buttons like this
  and by zipping the top, voila!  

these would be how the macro and stuff looks like
you judge :]

owh, and i also bought a couple more pairs of long Johns, more medicine, had a great time chatting with my aunt about my family’s background and even got my International Student Identification Card registered and done :]
all packed and ready to go… i think